Why choose PHP over ASP.Net | Top Reasons?

Why choose PHP over ASP.Net | Top Reasons?

There are various options when you talk about the development platform but the best option that you have in hand is PHP. It is superior to ASP.Net and other platforms because of a variety of reasons.

It is very important to know the advantages of the platform before adapting to the same so that you have confidence while working on a certain platform. Here are some of them listed for you to give you a better idea about why you shall chose the PHP over ASP.Net development platforms -

Cost efficiency -

This is one of the most important reasons why most of the people tend to opt for the PHP. The ASP.Net can work only on Windows and it will make you to spend some serious amount of money in order to buy the windows resources. But with the PHP though, the options are plenty for you so that you need not to make that additional investment as a developer.

Power packed performance -

This is probably the most important aspect that you need to keep in mind before designing the website. The PHP application could be developed or built over various platforms, including Linux, windows and others, however they have best match over Linux which is more efficient in terms of the performance. Thus, you can have better performance when you opt for the PHP than ASP.Net. Especially when you work on servers, the speed is much better with PHP.

Support system -

This is another very important thing for the developers when you are designing a website. Since PHP is an open source system and available free of cost, most of the developers keep on adding features to the PHP thus making it a better option for any developer. This is one of the prime reasons, 80% of the new websites are designed using PHP web development.

Editing tools -

With the ASP.NET, you can make use of the Microsoft visual studio for the editing and adding additional features. But the framework is bulky and takes a lot of space which sometimes makes things critical for the developers. At the same time, you need to pay for using the services.

With the PHP though, you have the option to use text editors rather than having a fledged IDE for editing thus making it simpler for the developers. There are lot of excellent FREE IDEs available for the editing of PHP files eg. Eclipse, Notpad++, Net Beans.

Nothing bounds you -

This is another reason why most of you people love the PHP frameworks. With PHP you have the freedom and choice to execute your codes in any manner you want and design the websites in different manner. It makes things very simple for a developer which is why it is loved by the developers.

Variety of frameworks -

Another thing which makes PHP the favorite of many developers is that you have the option to execute your work by using a variety of frameworks from CakePHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii and Phalcon amongst various others. It helps you to get help on a variety of issues that you generally tend to have during the development.

Fixing the bugs -

This is another aspect of the PHP and has already been discussed in the support section. You can find any type of bug with ease and get help from the developers in the PHP community to solve the issue in the simplest manner. This is why most of the development companies tend to hire PHP developers over JAVA or ASP.NET developers.

Popularity -

In terms of popularity, PHP has no competition in the market. As per the internet, almost 80% website is designed using PHP. Even some of the big guns like Facebook and Twitter have made use of PHP for the development of the website making it a clear favorite in the market right now. On the other hand, there has been tremendous decline in the popularity of ASP.NET.

Speed -

For the modern age developers, speed is probably the most important aspect when they are looking to design new websites. PHP does not make use of different resources that take a great deal of space rather it makes use of what is only desirable.

This helps in enhancing the speed of the PHP websites and PHP web applications over ASP.net web applications, and making it a favorite of everyone.

Easy to learn -

Another reason why most of the new developers incline towards PHP is because it is easier to learn. Any PHP coder can take help from the PHP community to design the websites. The framework is user friendly and even you do not belong to the IT, you can learn it using the notes and templates that are available for you thus making it the best option in the market.

So, these were some of the important reasons why most of the developers prefer PHP over ASP.Net for their various development requirements.



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