How To Hire PHP Programmers For PHP Web Development ?

How To Hire PHP Programmers For PHP Web Development ?

To hire a PHP programmer in itself is a huge task because for that you need to be really careful with his skills and knowledge. For most of the webmasters, they don’t have the required knowledge to hire PHP developer and so here we present you with the following points that can be helpful-

How important is the programmer- For the online business thing, the programmer is the only person who is going to convert your thoughts into reality. For many out there, they have fantastic ideas but no software help on the other hand. And hence the need generated to hire a developer. We often need an infrastructure for the business, but until and unless the website is fully developed, nobody finances it. The investment involves a huge amount of money and so it is advisable to spend it on a developer first. Everything depends on the programmer's knowledge because his technological skills can enrich your website and his business tactics can help boon your business too.

Categorizing the programmers- On the basis of technical and business based knowledge, the developers can be broadly categories into three phases-

Beginner level programmer- Those who have recently dived into the PHP development business and learned PHP development techniques are the beginners. They are useful for developing simple databases and for doing small manipulations.

Mid level programmer- A fairly good knowledge of PHP categorizes people into this category. For this, they can convert most part of the idea into reality.

Advanced level programmer- This is a difficult task because a programmer might be highly skilled in terms of technical knowledge but might not have any knowledge about the business. Or even if he is good in both technical and business skills but does not know how to maintain social engagements. Therefore, the person should have the right amount of knowledge technically, business wise as well as in SEO basics to fall into the category of an advanced level programmer.

Where to hire from- There are various sources to hire PHP developers from. It can be from your local place, from a freelancing web portal or from a PHP web development company which is well established.


Model for hiring programmers- It is basically done for two reasons, to create a dedicated model and over a project work basis.

Dedicated model – To hire a PHP developer for a dedicated model means paying on an hourly basis. This helps when the webmaster is not certain about the workability of the project. Even when the regular maintenance of a website is required then this model is highly useful.

For a fixed cost or a project work basis – Quotations are fixed before the work is started. Everything must be previously written in the documents before hiring the developers. The idea is to maintain the required transparency between the developer and the webmaster. This only helps  if you are sure about your concept and the thought is crystal clear.


Lastly, you need to evaluate before Hiring PHP Website Developer-








  • First, always have a look at their previous projects. Always evaluate on the basis of their success story, not on the basis of creativity and design features. Therefore, you know it that they know the real trick of making money out of a business and improve performance.
  • Take few references from other companies and ask them to evaluate your performance to know your strategical position in the real-time market.
  • If a developer is hired on a dedicated model basis then the skills should be pre-evaluated by a third person.
  • And if the hiring is done on a fixed cost basis then everything should be written in the documents clearly. Because the developer always has high expe


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