Job Portal Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Job Portal Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features
In today’s era, finding the right job for the right candidates is not an easy task anymore. Gone are the days when you could go from office to office dropping your job queries and applications. There are high chances that your query may not even go pass the main gate of the office. Similar is the scenario with employers who don’t have enough time to screen through the pile of CVs of applicants and cannot go for the physical search of candidates.

With the penetration of the internet, this problem is greatly resolved by online job boards or job portals. But, due to increasing use of smartphones, people are shifting from web-based job boards to Mobile apps, which enables a lot of convenience to both job seekers and employers.

Every job board software is trying to get a maximum number of users by providing many distinctive features compared to others, which resulted in many PHP job board software with unique features to help developers. They can now create mobile job apps with new features and options for users in low cost.

Basic features of job finder mobile app

For Job Applicants

Resume writing : Enabling job seekers to write or upload resume supporting various formats, and import options with the local source or online.

Job search and job alert : Applicants can search for desired job advertisements based on the keyboards. They can also set a custom job post alert based on their profile and desired profile. It helps them updated whenever there is a job posted matching their experience and requirements and never miss the opportunity.

Apply for job : Candidate can apply for a job with our without registration on the site by giving the details and uploading resume.

Profile view alert : This feature notifies users whenever a prospective employer visits their profile or downloads their resume.

Bookmark or save job : This is also an important feature by which applicants can save the job for applying later or searching jobs in the future with similar keywords.

Share : By this feature, a job post can be shared with a more suitable candidate who can encash the opportunity.

For Recruiters

Job posting : This works best as recruitment software. Users can post their jobs under this section for the number of vacancies and can specify the requirements related to profile including experience, qualification, pay package, etc.

Job editing : Allows recruiters to edit details related to job post like the number of positions left, add or edit requirements, etc.

Email Job notifications : Apart from displaying the post on the web app, enables automatic email of the same to suitable candidates to inform them about it.

Shortlist candidates : Recruiters can shortlist the candidates which suits their requirement best and proceed with them for next step.

Resume search from the database : Since the number of job seekers is huge, it is not practical to screen every resume to check the suitability of the applicant, this feature helps automatic filtering of candidates as per requirement and contact them.

Resume download : Recruits can download the resume of the candidates which matches their requirement best.

For Admin

Job ad management : All the jobs posted by recruiters on various platforms are linked and managed by admin.

Employer and candidate profile : All the information related to employer, company and job seeker are saved, managed and, verified by admin to keep fake profiles away.

Job seeker and Employer statistics : Automatic publishing and notification of job posts, applications and job search are monitored and analysed within the app.

Data publish based on trends : On a regular basis trends like most searched jobs, companies, type of education, average salary etc., are analysed and published to both employers and job seekers. This helps in the modification of search words and a refined recruitment process.

Cost of Job Portal app development

Though the cost of app development depends on various factors like the number of features, type of interface and storage capacity, OS platform etc., the cost cannot be estimated fully by developers in the beginning since it increases with increase in features. Therefore, most of the mobile app developers charge on hourly basis. The average cost ranges approximately from $25 to $45 an hour. This generally includes the cost of UI/ UX development. There may be additional costs depending on data to be stored depending on physical or cloud servers, payment gateway charges, analytics, affiliation, etc.
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