Guide to Develop a Job Portal Website like Monster And Coroflot

Guide to Develop a Job Portal Website like Monster And Coroflot

A job portal website like Monster and Coroflot have become extremely popular and today almost every single individual relies on the power of popular job portal to land a job based on their ability.

The job portal industry is growing quite steadily and it is supposed to grow in future as well. The business model of the job portal is highly attractive and if created and managed successfully, the job portal can provide you with ample opportunities to create a value. Although designing job board software is not at all easy, it can simply be cloned through Coroflot clone in order to make it look absolutely authentic and genuine.

Guide to Develop a Job Portal Like Monster

Basic Should Be Strong

Create a powerful & strong visual impressive platform. Your job portal should be simple but powerful with core & complementary inclusion. Create the categories by doing the deep research to help jobseekers and employers as well. Try to be more enhancing by posting & searching job by location, skill type and more.

Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform for your job portal website like monster is a crucial step. You would get lot of options but you need to finalize the one at last. Choose the platform which is easy to use, manage, tools functionality and can be expend in future. 

Buy job portal script from a reliable website 

Developing a job portal website like Monster and Coroflot is not an easy task from any stretch of imagination. One of the main ingredients that are required to make the job portal a successful product is job portal script. So when developing a full-fledged job portal, it is important to rely on script that is of best quality, well programmed and that you can customize as per your needs. The job portal script should be open source which can be edited as per the requirement and should have the freedom of access as well.

The script language should be of high level and latest versions. The PHP job portal script should also provide you the facility of downloading the template as well as managing the content. 

You can start your own business as a recruitment portal at affordable cost and in less time with the help of ready made job portal script.

The job portal script should also provide you the facility of downloading the template as well as managing the content.
Make sure you hire the services of a web development company that provides you with full ownership and copyright for all developed source code, images and database. Apart from this, the website clone industry should also provide you with the facility of developing clone website for popular job search websites. It should provide you with full customization to develop Coroflot clone script along with unique features.

Getting a host for your website 

Every website whether small or big needs to be hosted in order to get running and become visible on the internet. Hosting is basically related to renting a space over the web, and it makes an important difference to the user experience. So, if you are looking to create a job portal similar to Monster, then it becomes quite important to choose the host that enjoys reliable reputation and offers you reasonable rates.The hosting company should be such that offers you with 24/7 support and make it easier for you to run your monster clone.

You can consult about the hosting to whom you are going to purchase the PHP job portal script.

Pick a WordPress Job Board Theme 

Theme is one of the most important aspects of a job portal and it is the theme, which gives a perfectly suitable look to the overall website. There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can choose from and can install one in a matter of few clicks. Make sure to choose a theme that matches the type of your job board and should it give a beautiful and classy look.
When purchasing the theme, it is important that you get sure about the viability of the theme and the support that comes with it. It should provide you with 24/7 support facility and should also integrate the job board plugins that you would be required to monetize your site.
Plugins are important aspect of the job portal and they can really aid you in creating a job portal like Monster. Make sure you choose WordPress Plugins that complement your theme and should provide specific functions to your site without having to write a single line of code.

Build the data model 

Developing a job portal website if put in simple words is more than allowing the registered users of employers to submit jobs and letting job seekers apply for those jobs. It is all about experience, and therefore in addition to basic facilities, the process should be made simpler for everyone alike be it the admin, user or job seeker.

Database is the most important thing about the job portal site and how the portal manages users such as job seekers, recruiters and HR professionals should be transparent. Profile building is an important activity and it is to be looked at as how the portal allows organizations and job seekers to create the resumes and profiles. The facility or process of posting of jobs should be simpler and job application should also be simpler.

Some professional service that the job portal should provide 

  • It should be equipped with a personal dashboard where the user can keep a track of all the activities performed by him.     
  • The portal should also provide real time updates on applications.     
  • It should also offer expert resume writing services.
  • It should also provide the facility of video resume builder
  • The portal should be linked with other social media platform such as LinkedIn, enabling candidates sync their profiles.     

So, if you are looking to get a Job portal website like Monster and Coroflot, contact LogicSpice. We are well verse of the different elements of a successful job portal website that let us develop most optimal solutions for our clients, depending on their diversified requirements.

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