How to Determine Android Mobile App Metrics to Ensure its Market Fit

How to Determine Android Mobile App Metrics to Ensure its Market Fit

There are billions of Android mobile apps on the Google Play Store with more than 50 billion downloads. This clearly states the popularity of Android platform and its efficiency on increasing the ROI of the business. But, amidst intense competition, determining how your app will perform in the market totally depends on how well it fits in the market. There are a number of factors that play a key role in determining how fit your app is in the market. To determine the key metrics that ensure the app’s capability to fit in the market, here are some factors to consider.

Some Essential Android Mobile App Metrics :

Understanding The Market

Before you work on the design, features and other aspects of the app, you need to first understand the type of market and target audience effectively. Without understanding the market requirements, trends and how customer’s sentiments can be touched, any competent app will not be able to deliver what it requires.

Focus on providing maximum utility and value, as it will directly attract the customer’s attention. List down the commonly available features from your competitors and the ones that are missing. By proper strategy, identify the features that can be exclusive to your app and how they can add value to the market and customer’s requirements. All these things should be considered before you hire any android app development service provider for your business requirement.

Once you start receiving response from the customers for your exclusive features, you can work on the monetizing front of the app.

Understanding The App Usage Cycle

The app usage cycle starts as soon as you list the app on Google Play Store. When your target audience sees the android application in the play store, it is the first interaction of your app with the users and after someone downloads it and start using it, the wow factor of the app is what that forces the users to use it further. Further, the success of the app is measured by how many downloads you get through referrals. This is only possible when your users get enough value from the app and they refer it to within their circle. In addition, the next factor which determines the success of your app is the number of users you have on the current day compared to how many you have gained in a particular time period.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

This is the average revenue generated by an individual user in a particular time period over the number of users active on the app, in the same time period. ARPU for each app varies as the revenue model of each app is different, so determining the success of the app only on this parameter is not right. It plays one of the most important roles but, the success is not solely dependent on this metrics.

Cost Per Install (CPI)

If you are spending too much on installing the app, it will have a negative impact on the overall business. So, it is important that you optimize this cost over the time period. If you achieve a stage where the cost per install is very low then it can be stated that your app is performing well in the particular market with its current features and version.


If your app fails to engage the users, it is a clear fail. This is one of the most important metrics to determine the success of the app. It is important to understand how the users are interacting with the app and how well they are able to understand the different elements of the app. The features that are not accessed by the user should be optimized and the ones that are frequently used should be improved in a consistent manner.

So, when you hire android app programmer or hire android app programmer, you need to first make the developer understand about these metrics so that you develop the app in the right direction by keeping your customer’s need in consideration. If you are looking to get a competent app for your business then contact LogicSpice, our dedicated developer  team has years of experience in developing competent android apps for our clients for different industries.


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