5 Must Have Skills To Look For While Hiring Android Developers

5 Must Have Skills To Look For While Hiring Android Developers
These days, almost every business requires a mobile App as it’s the new trendy thing!
Android is one of the major player when it comes to the mobile market, almost 88% of the total smartphone are Android mobile operating system. To build a successful android app, You need to know how to "choose professional android app developer". These Android app developers should be well experienced in the required skills to deliver you with an excellent app. 

Your business can really excel with the use of the android app as it provides you with a platform where your clients can be in touch with you and you will know your products better. The concept of using app for business marketing and sales are one of the best options which most business owner use. Customers also like stuffs delivered to their doorsteps.
As the trend of mobile app are on the high a lot of techie are reading “how to be a good android developer” to know the basic stuffs of mobile app and trying to become good at it. Mobile app is one of the acclaimed markets of the world now because it’s a regular employment. If you have a mobile app, you will need updates in the future and for that you require an Expert app developer.

5 Skills To check Before You Hire Android Developers - 

Excellent in Java -  It is one of the basic things for Android developer to have an extensive knowledge and experience of java. He should be aware of complex java structure and syntax to efficiently code an impeccable app. It is essential for the developers to have knowledge as well as experience in the object-oriented programming and concepts of OOPS.  He should be aware of the variables, list, loops and other programming stuffs. 


Proficient in SQL -  Most of the Android applications require something to store user data which is used as a back-end. It enables you to manage very large amount of data and it provides you option to store them locally and in the cloud. In order to manage database, proficiency in SQL is must. You should really see that the developer you hire has good command over SQL. 

An expert in XML codes
 As you are aware that the core development of any mobile app is done through Java, but for other things and for the appearance; XML is required. Appearance also matters a lot. XML Provides you with a foundation of layout for any Android mobile app. XML and its standards are use to code some of the essential parts of all the apps. It gives you an interface to process information between several devices consistently. 

Android SDK Knowledge -  It’s very much necessary for an Android developer to have good knowledge when it comes to Android Software development Kit [SDK]. Its concepts should be well understood by the developer, the basics should be very clear to the Android developer which mostly deals with layout and views, getting data from the web, user input, action bar, activities and their life cycle, storing date and densities. The developer should also have good understanding as well as knowledge of documentation and communication. It becomes essential that before you hire any Android app developer, you check that he possess proficient skills of Android SDK. 

Experience in Android Studio - The Android studio integrated development environment is important software which provides you with all the necessary tools to write as well as design an Android app. It is an essential tool when it comes to the development of any mobile Android app, as it provides you with all the required tools which will make your work, fast and easy. It comes with certain function like test and debug which gives you usability while writing codes for an Android app. It is one of those which provide you with feature to efficiently code without worrying about bugs. You should make sure you hire someone with its good knowledge. 

Hope, the above mentioned tips might help you in hiring a skilled android app developer!  Our android app developers teams have proven track record and expertise in their respective domain, resulting in optimal solutions for our clients. Get in touch with Logicspice to hire android app developers 

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