How iPhone App Developers Will Get Benefited by iOS 11 ?

How iPhone App Developers Will Get Benefited by iOS 11 ?

iPhone updates have been exciting for all users. We have seen in the past few years how the iOS have evolved for good and how people are attracted towards it because of its exclusiveness. Recently, the iOS had received its recent update in the form of iOS 11 and there are a bunch of new features that are introduced that will benefit both, the users and the developers. In this article, our focus is towards the developers and here are few ways in which the iOS 11 will benefit the developers in an effective manner.

“If you are an iOS app developer or working at an iPhone app development company, you must know how the following updates will reinvent your professional life”

1. Siri Is Updated :

As Siri is updated on the original voices front that sound more human (both in male and female versions), the third-party app integration has become quite convenient for the users. It also allows translations from Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Italian languages seamlessly. With better integration compatibility, apps can be now operated through various voice commands of Siri, making it convenient for the developers to make their respective apps more feasible for the users.

2. Restructured App Store :

There are a number of tweaks that are made to the App Store that leads to more user-friendliness as well as appealing. Apart from this, Apple has introduced new sections like ‘app of the day’, ‘game of the day’, and ‘daily list’, all these new sections give new opportunities for the app developers to rank their apps in this lists to get more downloads and reach.

3. QR Code Support :

Apps that require QR code scanning will get benefit from the new feature of scanning QR codes through phone’s camera to access websites. It will help the developers in offering speedy and more user-friendly measures to login. Executing hassle free log in was a major concern for a most of the users but, with this, the feasibility will be improved to a great extent.

4. Easy Sharing :

iOS 11 also allows easy sharing of apps, which was not the case in the earlier updates. This will help the users in transferring images, documents, videos and content across apps. With this, developers can now make their apps more content rich for the users, leading to more attraction and downloads.

5. ARKit and Metal 2 Framework :

With iOS 11, the manufacturer has introduced ARKit and Metal 2 Framework that will help the developers in building more complex structures in a much lesser time along with reduced efforts. It supports high-end imaging and picture displays, which will open new gates for interactive gaming, industrial design and dynamic shopping experiences for the users. With this, we can expect engaging games on Apple products in near future.

6. Instant Payment :

 The Apple messaging app is now going to go even more benefiting with Apple Pay Cash getting integrated with it. This makes it really easy to send and receive money and you can do this through your Apple Wallet within your app.

These are some of the few benefits that the developers will get from the iOS 11. If you are looking to get iOS development services for your business then contact LogicSpice. Our proficient team of  mobile 
app developers are well versed with recent updates of the operating system and are capable of delivering optimum solutions to the clients depending on the varying needs.

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