CodeIgniter v/s WordPress for Website Development

CodeIgniter v/s WordPress for Website Development

While WordPress is a Content Management System that is used for creating lighter websites, CodeIgniter is core PHP framework preferred for developing extensive web applications. Both are similar in variety of ways and combine seamlessly into web development. Continue to read on as to which one between WordPress and CodeIgniter is better for web development.

About CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is basically an open source PHP framework that is object oriented in nature. It is an open source framework and is mainly preferred for designing small and medium scale websites and applications. Suited for Java-script driven applications, it is also useful for designing PHP based apps as well.

Why to use CodeIgniter for web development?

Easy to Use

CodeIgniter is easy to install and use for developing dynamic websites. Also, it can easily be configured and managed in order to meet specific web development requirements. CodeIgniter supports variety of controllers and libraries which makes it easier to implement coding. CodeIgniter programmers can hassle freely migrate specific website from one server to another on the web.

Data Validation

Website development process through CodeIgniter requires data validation. This means that each and every object needs to be validated through validation class of CodeIgniter.

Lesser Coding and faster development

The PHP framework is known for rapid development of web applications as it requires lesser coding. Programmers are not required to rely on 3rd party libraries every time with new project as most of the coding comes with default framework.

Easy to Handle Errors

Error handling is not easy with most PHP frameworks but with CodeIgniter you need to write one line code to enable all the errors appear before you. Accordingly you can check the problem with the code and rectify it easily

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source free content management system that provides the facility of creating and designing attractive websites for businesses and blogging. WordPress with lot of benefits,  can basically be used for everything from designing e-commerce sites to maintaining portfolio or professional websites.

Why to use WordPress for website development?

Ease of use

WordPress comes with intuitive interface and it is easy to use. Adding new pages, blogs and images to WordPress website is extremely and anyone can do that owing to its simple technology.

Search engine friendly sites

Since WordPress sites use simple and clean coding, it gets quite easier to index these sites on search engines. Each page, image and blog on WordPress website can have its own link, meta-tag and keyword to be optimized for specific purpose.

Plugins feature

With WordPress you can add video gallery, Twitter Feed, and event calendar to your site with the help of plugins which enhances website’s visibility.

Multiple users

Being an administrator of WordPress site, you can avail the facility of setting up multiple users for the website to allow better access to capabilities.

Let’s compare WordPress and CodeIgniter

  • It is important to remember that WordPress is mainly used for the purpose of creating and maintaining a blog. However in reality, you can make WordPress do whatever CodeIgniter does, if you have at your disposal the right knowledge along with programming abilities. WordPress is mainly designed and is preferred for blogs, and if you want to design a web application for flexibility, CodeIgniter is the right option.
  • Developing a web application, especially for high-traffic sites, then it is suitable to consider CodeIgniter as it is a good framework for mainly developing web apps. On the other hand, WordPress is not suitable for web apps that require extensive user interaction along with complex data structures owing to lack of ORM and MVC pattern support.
  • WordPress is CMS that focuses towards content management such as articles and blog posts. On the other hand, CodeIgniter being a framework provides with basic facilities that are needed to boilerplate the code, URL parsing as well as handling.
  • Since, WordPress is popular it is extensively used for clients who require a simple and easy to manage website. Additionally there are wide ranges of plug-ins that are available on web for WordPress that that can be used to convert WordPress into a fully fledged web application.
  • Therefore, when it comes to make comparisons between CodeIgniter and WordPress in terms of speed, it is easier to develop a faster site on WordPress compared to CodeIgniter as with CodeIgniter, the programming is difficult and it requires the individual to develop each and every module (MVC).
  • Considering the security, WordPress site needs to be constantly updated with all its plugins as WordPress keeps publishing patches on regular basis. However with CodeIgniter, you would require to take care of the security yourself. It comes with inbuilt functions that can be used in the project for ensuring input and output filtering.

    Conclusion: Developing a site with framework is a bit expensive in the first time and not expensive in the long run as compared with WordPress development and customization. Hire wordpress developer from logicspice to get the most of it.


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