Why Use Support Ticket System Instead Of Email?

Why Use Support Ticket System Instead Of Email?

Handling customer’s queries and solving their grievances on priority is the key to success for any business. In the current scenario, where the customer base is large and customer queries flow in bulk, handling them in an efficient manner is very important. What most of the business owners use to solve customer queries is the conventional email method. But, to improve this overall process to a significant extent, customer support ticket software is the need of the hour. Most of the companies that are proficient in solving customer’s queries tend to use effective support ticket system to help their customers efficiently.

So, if you are also thinking to improve your customer grievance handling process and you are not aware of the benefits of an effective ticket support script then this article will help you understand better.

Help In Better Prioritization

Help In Better Prioritization - Logicspice

When you receive a series of mails in a day, it becomes quite difficult to set the priority in the right order. When an individual perform this task manually, the chances of losing on some of the important tasks increases. In this situation, ticketing software helps you in prioritizing the tasks effectively. It helps in framing a flow for setting the priority of important tasks so that you can fix the more important issues at the earliest.  

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency - Logicspice

When you take decisions after going through between a number of mail chains, chances of making an error increases. But, this becomes quite efficient with a ticketing software. It helps the support team work more efficiently as for each task, a set flow is decided and you get messages according to the priority. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the team and output improves significantly as a lot of time is saved due to effective communication.  

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution - Logicspice

For different departments, searching through different email accounts can be time consuming and confusing. With a ticketing software, all the requests are centralized at one place. Email systems become complex when more than one team member works on the system. This is not the case with a ticketing software, it keeps a track of every query and which team member has worked on it previously and who will be working now.

Easy Collaboration

Easy Collaboration - Logicspice

Sometimes, solving a particular issue requires more than one team member from different departments. With an effective ticketing software, collaborating with different team members becomes quite easy. It creates an easy communication channel between team members who are working together, leading to reduced time for solving a particular issue. 

Tracking And Reporting Becomes Easy

Tracking And Reporting Becomes Easy

A proficient ticketing software gives you a smart way of tracking and reporting, which is not the case with email support system. There are different metrics available that provide information like time taken to solve a particular query, which team member has solved maximum query, number of problems that require more than one team member, how many queries are being solved currently and how many issues are pending to be attended. With email systems, you don’t get all these metrics to track and report.

So, these are some of the key benefits of using an effective ticketing software. If you are looking for an online help desk support ticket system then contact LogicSpice. Our diversified team has years of experience in developing support ticket systems that not only improves your customer handling process but, overall operations in an effective manner.

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