Why Are Businesses So Interested In Opting For SaaS Models These Days?

Why Are Businesses So Interested In Opting For SaaS Models These Days?

Gone those days when a large portion of an organization' storage closet were being taken up by software boxes and bulky training manuals. At that time, depending on the size of that company, more and more shelves were dedicated to all those discs and soft manuals.

Alongside the organizations had to dedicate their digital space to data storage as the software generated GB upon GB of files.

Now, organisations do need the robust software packages to get their work done and they still require more and more data storage.

However, in most of the organizations, the software holding storage spaces are now occupied with other things mostly. So what has changed?

In most of the cases, the software industry has been transitioning from software marketing to more of a SaaS services or a subscription model of software as a service. The change has eliminated the organizational requirements of storing data in house as SaaS subscriptions come with plenty of cloud storage.

The only constant is change but it is never an easy process. On the other hand, if your organization was waiting to take a leap from the traditional software storage system to SaaS cloud based system, then this is the high time to switch.

Why exactly so many organisations going for the SaaS industry model? Let's get to know about the reasons.

1. Automated Upgradation

It used to be something like you are buying software with whatever version it is in and ultimately you are being stuck with that for a long time. The company of the software would update it on a regular basis like updating the software once in a year, but the time you wanted to gain the updated version of the software, there were new dilemmas waiting for you. You will have to invest more cash to install the updates while wasting more time in it.

With SaaS, you get the latest version of the software automatically without investing a single penny in anyway. Mostly SaaS packages in general are web based and this ensures that you won't have to spend any time on updating as well.

2. SaaS Packages Can Do Everything

In most of the cases, SaaS programs are custom made based on a specific requirement just like web design or database management. However, mostly these are surprisingly strong in their offerings.

For instance, there are some kinds of software products newly introduced in the industry that are recognised to be the powerhouse for every single organization despite their types and requirements. Organisations that work on time tracking, billing, accounting, project management along with other services, can avail this service.

It is very much appealing for organizations who are willing to use SaaS platforms for different purposes. In accordance with that, the SaaS industry is also responding to deliver that kind of updated models to satisfy the requirements organisations have.

3. SaaS Makes Telecommuting Easier

With the previously released model, it was tough to get work done easily if you are not in office. But as everything had to be released, installed, and stored on local machines, the previous model is of no that much use.

With the newly updated SaaS, you can easily work anywhere with an internet connection. There are various platforms introduced by SaaS that work on smartphones also. As nothing is stored locally while using SaaS, collaboration within devices has become easier.

4. Scalability

SaaS is a system that fits all propositions in a perfect way. Mostly SaaS platforms are sold based on the tiered pricing structures. In this way, users pay for their requirements and receive the same they have paid for.

Nowadays, organisations have an extended team of skillful professionals to offer customer service that helps directly maintain the quality of that company.

5. Lower Expenditures

Think about a decade ago, when you had to purchase a software for your organization, the expenditure was at its peak and you had paid thousands of dollars for that. SaaS products are generally sold in a monthly subscription. Monthly subscription means you do not have to pay that much to acquire the product.

Of course, there are options that allow you to pay for a year in advance and that brings up your initial costs upward. However, the expense is still not going that much which means you are acquiring software without burning your pocket.

What's more you expect from a software product?

Well, some SaaS package delivering organizations offer a free trial for their new users. The trial can be of a week, but some offer as long as 30 days to let the users have a chance to test the product, check it out properly to see whether it is right for them without spending any money.

6. Improved Onboarding & Training

When it comes about the onboarding and training process, SaaS companies understand these better than any other company. Even according to one study, it was revealed that customers stick with their SaaS package distributor companies as they offer zero latency in acquisition of the product along with an improved user experience.

So, you can understand that your SaaS software development company always go the extra miles for their customers and offer them training videos, webinars along with the requirements they have to become a new user of their product.

7. Security

If anything goes stolen that can be a hassle, but on the other hand, stolen data can give you chills down the spine. While using a SaaS platform to save your data, the data is stored in a cloud not locally. It means, if your office is burglarized or you lose your smartphone, then the chances of your data being compromised is lower comparatively.

As the data is saved in a cloud operating system not locally, so you get the chance to access the data from other devices using passwords or the encryption you did beforehand.

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