Web Development Trends For 2018 That Will Be Ruling This Year

Web Development Trends For 2018 That Will Be Ruling This Year

Any new web technologies are ruling in the world of web application development trends nowadays and much more is yet to come. It is because of trends in web application development change at a faster rate beyond our expectation. That’s why it is important to go ahead with the new web trends that are going to rise instead of focussing on the trends we have till now. This is the only way how your business can win the race in the long run. 

We are going to share most significant web application development trends 2018, if you are about to redesign your websites or build a new one.

Chat Boxes Backed With Artificial Intelligence

 Most of the companies have understood the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the field of customer servicing. There are a number of companies that have replaced customer service executives with chatbots to answer queries of the users. Now, these chatbots are further optimized for the implementation of AI to make them more competent. This trend will further grow in the current year with the aim of replacing 85% customer servicing from human interaction by the end of 2020. This new feature must be a part of new websites to offer better service to the users.

Improved Role Of Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

This is a new term which was coined in the year 2015. Though many business owners fail have not recognized its importance, it will be a common term in the field of native mobile apps. The websites that are backed by Progressive Web Applications offer a similar experience as that of a native mobile app. It also offers the feature of browsing the internet without being online. Most of the industry leaders have already incorporated this and it is expected that many more will be following this trend to make their businesses more dynamic.

Introduction Of Angular 5 JavaScript Framework

This is important for hire AngularJS developers as the new Angular 5 JavaScript framework will revolutionize the Java development field. Google has recently released the Angular 5 JavaScript Framework and a number of new improvements have been incorporated in it. It is much faster, competent and easily accessible. The other features include progressive web application, removal of unnecessary codes and small applications. The ones who are looking for NodeJS development should also keep their eye on this particular framework.

Single Page Websites

There are some trends of the past that are gaining attention back. One such trend is that of single page websites. Such websites are considered simple to understand and easy to navigate, creating value for the businesses with a single purpose. Such websites are created on a single page with the ability to long scroll for accessing further details. It is beneficial for the ones who wish to keep their user's attention intact. Such websites are affordable, easy to maintain and simple to understand.

Static Websites 

This can be related to mankind returning to the stone age, as the website world started with static version. Gradually, things became dynamic and now, we have websites with all sort of graphics, features, and advanced features. But, the era of static websites is coming back with some basic features for added flexibility. Static websites are easy to access and navigate. Such websites are beneficial for the ones who are looking to offer informative content to their users without any call to action feature.

Inclusion of UI in Motion

We have seen a number of developments in the designing of a website or the mobile app. From GIFs to attractive fonts, there have been a lot of additions to improve the user experience through a user interface. After all this, it is the time that something new is introduced to attract the users. So, moving user interface is the new element that can make the website stand out from the crowd. There are a number of 3D elements that are also introduced to keep the users engaged and we can see a lot of customizations to these features to make the website more attractive.

Push Notifications for Websites 

We have seen push notifications for a lot of apps. Such notifications help in updating users about recent offers, updates, and other important information. It also helps in driving the users to use the app. The same feature can now be seen on the websites and the ones that will use it efficiently will take the added lead in the market.

Inclination Towards HTML5 

Since the introduction of HTML 5 in 2014, a lot of websites owners have adopted it. What attracts the attention of the developers is its efficiency over the Flash. At various instances, Flash failed to support mobile apps, this is not the case with HTML 5. As it supports digital content, HTML 5 is used by new developers that are aiming to attract users with attractive and precise digital content.

So, these are some of the trends that every developer should keep its eyes on. In addition, the introduction of PHP7, HTTPS, and improvement in SSL will further change the way each website functions. Therefore, focusing on secured web development will be the next priority of the developers. If you are looking to get a website or mobile app which is in accordance with the recent trend of the market then contact LogicSpice. Our diversified team of developers is well versed with recent demand of the market and provide solutions accordingly at an affordable price.

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