7 Ways to Protect Your Android Smartphone

 7 Ways to Protect Your Android Smartphone
Smartphones have become the necessity of our daily life. We need the mobile phone wherever we are going for shopping, booking tickets, traveling, booking cabs. We pay bills through smartphones, we store all our confidential information, bank details, credit card details on our smartphone. Android app development services has widen its roots to many applications that give the user significant options to secure your data and track your device in the case of loosing your phone.

In all over this, we forget to keep our smartphone secure. Although smartphones have built-in security but they are not fully hacked proof.

Essential tips to protect your android mobile phone

1. Lock your smartphone

Most of the people have already locked their smartphone but who don’t find it important to lock their smartphone, it is advised to lock your smartphone from PIN, pattern, fingerprint. If you find difficulty in remembering your password, switch to the pattern lock. Adding this small security to your smartphone can help you a lot. 

2. Lock apps on your device

It’s always a good step to add an extra layer to your smartphone by locking the individual apps. You can lock your mobile apps through inbuilt app lock or third-party app lock. You can hide your photos in the photo vault. Not only this, protect apps like Paytm, any bank app to save yourself from any type of fraud.

3. Do not save all of your passwords

It’s our habit to save all our online password, ATM pin code to our mobile phone but it may cause risk to us when any fraud person get your phone stolen. Avoid having all your password on the mobile phone, especially bank details, pin and other social media passwords.

4. Download apps from trusted sources

Download mobile apps from the google play store, google make sure that the app on the google play store is malware free. It is advised to check the review and rating of the app before downloading it and have a look at the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the mobile app. 

Android has a setting to block any app that isn’t from google play store. You can turn off these settings if you want to download any specific app from the third party store. 

5. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

You are likely to use smartphones in cafes and at any public use. You will get free wifi at various place, just don’t fall into this trap. You will take the advantage of free wifi but you don’t know, what you are giving them in return.

24% of the mobile phones are regularly using free wifi. Be alert about that your mobile phone gets automatically connect to the wifi, keep your wifi connection off. 

Security company suggests that if you are using any free wifi, don’t pay any bill or any bank transfer. 

6. Keep your phone up-to-date

Android updates not only brings the new features but also fix bugs. You should keep you all apps up-to-date or turn on auto-update over wifi. If you are not updating your phone, you are allowing others to attack your phone security.  Go to settings -> About phone -> System updates to check manual updates notification.

7. Turn on Chrome's Safe Browsing feature

Apps are not only the option to threat your smartphone. The web might also try to steal your data via a "phishing" attack. Let us introduce you to chrome safe browsing feature that warns you for any kind of suspicious activity. Tap on the chrome settings -> privacy - >, then make sure that safe browsing feature in enabled. 

 Android app development services has widen its roots to many applications that give the user significant options to secure your data and track your device in the case of loosing your phone. 

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