Top 5 PHP Framework - You Should Know In 2017

Top 5 PHP Framework - You Should Know In 2017

PHP is one of the most preferred server-side scripting languages, which has gained a lot of appreciation due to its simplicity. With the help of PHP Frameworks, a developer is able to create robust and reusable components by using faster development cycles. The Framework also provides basic structure to the user, which helps in developing the applications faster. These frameworks also enhance the coding standards for web development team along with development guides, which standardize the process and make the product much more stable.

So, is you are looking to hire web developers for implementing the PHP Framework for your product then make sure that the hired expert web developers are proficient in the following frameworks.

Here Best PHP Framework :

1.Laravel :


Laravel is widely used framework among professionals due to its excellent documentation, advanced features and supportive community. From 2015, the users of Laravel framework has increased at an impressive rate and it is expected to grow in coming few years as well. So, if you are looking to hire laravel developers, make sure that the developer has a significant experience of at least 2 years.

2. CodeIgniter :


CodeIgniter is known for its flexibility and hassle free installation. It provides easy learning curve to the developers, which attracts a lot of beginners. It is not only easy, it is efficient enough to provide powerful products with impeccable capabilities.


3.  CakePHP :

This is also one of the oldest frameworks which has retained the strong user base and still it is growing at a significant rate. Most of the business owners tend to hire Cakephp developers and among some of the key companies, BMW is also there.

4. Symphony :

This is one of the oldest framework available for PHP but, still it is stable than a number of new frameworks introduced in past few years. The reason for its popularity is quick adaptability and widely used documentation which makes it one of the most dependable PHP Frameworks.

5. Zend Framework :

If we consider some of the most stables framework available in PHP, Zend Framework finds a position at the top. It is not only stable in various aspects, it also offers a range of features that assist the development of state-of-the-art applications, which requires a lot of customization.

Whether a developer is starting its career or has gained significant experience in the field of PHP, all these frameworks will help an individual in gaining competitive lead in the market due to the major demand of these frameworks.

So, if you are looking to implement PHP Framework into your projects then contact LogicSpice. Our expert team has not only years of experience but, experts that excel in the above-mentioned frameworks to provide efficient solutions. We are proficient enough to guide you which framework suits you the best and come up with optimal solutions to get you going in a distinctive manner. We not only provide complete solutions, we also back you with our competitive support system that guides you at each step, ensuring improved customer/after sell service.

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