Techniques And Methods For UX/UI Designing

Techniques And Methods For UX/UI Designing

1. Know the audience

When a designer starts a design they need to have the idea that for whom they are designing and what would be the motive of the design. Every design has its own purpose and targeted audience. The designer have to identify their audience’s taste at an early stage of the designing so that at the end of this process, designer would come with the better piece of the design.

 2. Never settle for the one idea



Some of the designers used to make mistake by settling with one idea that comes first in their mind.This is called as mistake because if they have only one idea then how designer could make the decision that the idea on which they are working is a good or not. So it is very important for every designer to develop a few design ideas for the single project. This will help them to compare the design and select the best from them.

 3. Do Research



Before starting with any design the designer need to have prior knowledge about the requirement, demographic details and the needs of the targeted audience. Designer need to do some planning and research before starting the design. After doing the proper research they need to make a mockup of the design, so that they could get the idea that their imagination is on the proper track and it is going to work properly.

 4. Avoid Redundant Scrolling



In recent time in designing the concept of scrolling feature is very much popular among the websites and mobile apps. The designers uses different types of scrolling like fixed-long scrolling, parallax scrolling and infinite scrolling. To use the scrolling in the better way the designer need to understand that which type of scrolling would be good and where to use them. These simple things need to keep in mind while using the scrolling feature will make the design better.

 5. Use of Typography



Typography is nothing but an art which is used to make the words come to life in the design. How well the design is, it all depends on the use of typography in the design. If people are getting difficulty in understanding the design, it means that the designer could not succeed in their design.

 6. Responsive Design



As it seems that the importance of responsive design has been growing up, it would be ridiculous to not use the responsive design practices while designing the interface. As  a designer it is very important to have knowledge about how to design a responsive user interface. So for becoming a successful UI designer, it becomes important to educate yourself regarding the best practices prevailing in the responsive web design.

 7. Use of color



The use of color play a very important role while designing the UI/UX, the designer needs to choose the color wisely. The designers have to use the color which can attract the eyes of the user. One thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing the color for the site is that for text color never use blue color over the site, as the blue color mostly used for representing the links.

 8. Keep the design Simple



It is essential to keep the design simple. The simplicity & clarity in the design used to receive the audiences in the single glance. The clear & simple design always easy to understand & it is always appreciated by the client. For achieving the simplicity it becomes necessary to keep the layout, forms & the button simple.

 9. Make mockups & sketches



It is good practice for the designer to prepare the mockups and sketches before working on a live project. The designer or client get better idea that what they are going to build, and how it would look like.

 10. Improvement & UI/UX Testing




As soon as the designer is done with the designing process they need to do the testing of developing design. This important because if there would be any type of problem and issue in the design then the designer get to know and they improve their mistake. The user experience testing process is called as the user-interface testing. This process of testing used to ensure that the developed design is absolutely fine and according to the designers and client’s desire.




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