Swift Vs. Objective-C: Let's Find Out Who the Winner is

Swift Vs. Objective-C: Let's Find Out Who the Winner is

These days, with continuous evolution of technology, more and more languages are used for app development. Few of them are swift and objective C, but deciding which one is best among these two can be quite difficult especially if you are planning to develop an app. Both programming languages are launched and developed by Apple Inc. These languages are launched for tvOS, iOS, MacOS, Linux and watchOS. It is an intuitive and powerful programming language that works with all iOS devices and operating software. Writing Swift language is very fun and interactive; its syntax is quite expressive and even variety of modern features that every app developer will love. It is safe as well as helps in producing software that runs very smoothly and lightly.

Swift is intended to support the core concepts of iPhone app development service associated with Objective C. Swift even has feature of addressing many programming errors Integers are checked to know their overflowsuch as null pointers and also provide with syntactic sugar which helps in avoiding pyramid of doom. It also support protocol extensibility concept, it is a type of extensibility system which can be applied to struts, classes and types that Apple promotes as real change in paradigms of programming which is termed as protocol oriented programming.

Why prefer Swift for iOS app development?

There are many iOS app developers who prefer Swift over Objective C. One of the main reasons behind this is it helps in writing software in an innovative and fantastic way for servers, desktops and phones or anything which runs on code. It is fast and safe programming language which combines best with modern languages and help in contributing to the open source community. This language can be optimized for purpose of developing app either by compromising or no compromise. Swift even helps in defining large programming errors and its classes by following some modern patterns for programming which are as follows –

  • Integers are checked to know their overflow
  • Variables are initialized before using them in any way
  • For knowing errors out of bound array indices are always checked
  • Optionals of this programming language make sure that values which are nil are handled properly and explicitly
  • Memory is checked and managed automatically
  • Error handling help in controlling recovery from unwanted or unexpected failures

Salient features of Swift programming language - Swift is an open source programming language which can offer so many benefits at the same time along with programming. There are several salient features of Swift because of which its popularity is increasing day by day. Some of the salient features of Swift include open source, easy to use, fast, approachable, safe familiar, enterprise ready, economically fit, high end commitment, plenty of learning source and much more.

Know about Objective C - Just like Swift, Objective C is another programming language. It is an object oriented and general purpose programming language which adds smalltalk style messaging to C programming language. It is one of the main programming languages which are used by Apple for iOS and OS X operating systems. In case you have done programming before and want to enjoy something new then must use Objective C. It works quite differently from other types of programming language. It was introduced with OPENSTEP and NEXTSTEP and considered an extended form of application which is used with Cocoa library under operating system X. One of the main benefits of preferring Objective C is that you can do programming even without using libraries. It is quite similar to C programming language and just like that, it even shares lot of things with users.

Salient features of Objective C - There are many features of Objective C and its features even allow high end flexibility and efficiency. It offers easy to consider solutions which help in overcoming different types of programming issues.

  • Swizzling of pointer which allow classes to change at their run time. It is mostly used for debugging freedom objects which are into objects whose purpose is to report all types of errors when any user calls or message them. The method of swizzling is even used in enterprise objects framework for creating database faults.
  • Delegating method is another feature of Objective C programming language, this method helps in remote invocation that can be implemented easily with help of message forwarding feature and other important features.

Difference between Objective C and Swift - Although, both programming languages Swift and Objective C is launched by Apple but there are some differences between them. One of the main difference is that Swift is a modern version, while on the other hand Objective C is the older version. Swift is overtaking Objective C programming language rapidly and is getting more popular day by day especially on Apple’s platforms. But, on other hand, Objective C is still having long life to go and multiple updates are available for this platform. Objective C is easy to use and fast which can provide you with the best result as per your choice and need.

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