Role Of Women In Tech Industry 2017

Role Of Women In Tech Industry 2017

We all know that some of the prominent Tech entrepreneurs who are male but, a little do we know about females who have played an important role in the tech industry. Though the share of men is higher than the women in the industry but, the IT industry is backed by women as well with a lot of efforts. So, here is a brief information about the women working in the IT industry and their role in various forms.

The share of Women working in tech?

According to reports, it has been identified that approximately 20% startups are founded by women across the globe. Chicago, Boston, and Silicon Valley constitute the most tech start-ups founded by women. Indian tech giants like TCS, Infosys and Wipro women employee percentage has grown significantly by up to 45% approximately in last decade.

In addition to this, in 2014,  17.4% of CIOs in Fortune 500 companies were women and 6 of Fortune 15 companies have female CIOs. 7% women also represent the world’s richest tech billionaires.

Share Of Women In Venture Capital?

The share of women in venture capital is quite low. Currently, only 4.2% women are into venture capital. Out of 100, only 5 investors in the Forbes Midas list of the top venture capitalists are women. The lower share in the venture capital indicates that women still don’t enjoy their rights in the spending their capital freely. Their financial decisions are often influenced by other people around them.

Reasons Why Women Often Leave Tech?

According to studies, it has been found that 30% women blame working conditions like long working hours, low salary and no further opportunity to grow in their company. However, 27% leave it to maintain a perfect work-life balance and often take part-time or teaching jobs. The rest said that it is due to the lack of interest that they leave their IT jobs and started something different.

What Needs To Be Changed?

The society should push women to cross their boundaries and improve their capabilities to grow and prosper in the tech field. There should be mentoring programs and networking opportunities for women staff to seek encouragement and assistance from other in the Tech field. Women should be offered with flexible working hours and ensure that they can maintain a proper work-life balance. This will help women in fulfilling the other commitments.

In addition to this, opportunities for personal development should be offered that can boost the confidence in them. Leadership responsibilities should be given to women so that they have the vision to follow in their career.

So this women’s day, let us all come together and support the entrepreneur and tech spirit of women. We at LogicSpice promote women in various fields and wish that other companies in the tech field should do the same so that the spirit of true womanhood can be spread across the globe.

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