Advantage and Disadvantages of WordPress Platform

Advantage and Disadvantages of WordPress Platform

A good or a reliable website provides advanced functionality to the users so that you can excel in business and can get better quality user experience. Various web development solution companies usually provide you with the design, layout, framework and user applications; all these things merge together to provide you a single entity which is called as a web solution to the customers. 

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). The WordPress is known for its rich features and APIs. There are many other types of platform available on the internet but you will find WordPress relatively easy and beneficial as compared to other content management systems. The best thing about WordPress develoment is that it’s comparatively cheaper and you don’t have to spend much on it. The WordPress theme management system gives you a lot of free and premium themes to choose.

Some facts about the WordPress are 

  • 75 million sites are hosted over WordPress
  • WordPress powers almost 25% of worlds websites
  • More than 37 million searches for WordPress every month
  • Over 45,000 plug-in support

Advantage Of  WordPress Platform

Open source

It is an open source platform and provides you a lot of flexibility to the developers in terms of coding. The large communities of developers like WordPress because of its ease and plugins support. Developers can use the same programme code multiple times in implementing the new projects. It also comes with the GPLv2 license which allows you to easily modify, distribute and use some codes without paying anything for it. 

Usability and simplicity

WordPress is a lot simpler than other content management services. The other content management platforms require you to have the basic knowledge of computers and network before you can start using them. However, the WordPress offer you no such type of knowledge requirement. It’s not essential for you to be acquainted with the various types of programming languages like CSS, PHP, and HTML etc. WordPress is not only easy to manage and setup but also provides you with various features like update and management. 

Easy operations

One of the best things about WordPress is the ease of operations. The WordPress allows you to use new technologies and allow them to be reused several times with some little modifications. There are a lot of things which you would find easy in Wordpress like changing the theme, color and other appearance attributes. The WordPress is so easy to use that you don’t need to hire a developer for simple site but you need to hire wordpress developer if you are going for complex website. If you have a little knowledge about computers then you can manage everything easily in WordPress. There are several other features available which help you in changing almost everything without writing any codes. This ease saves both money and time giving you a better user overall experience to your clients. 


There are more than 45,000 plugins available for WordPress which provides you assistance in all types of functionalities. If you want to add an app to your page or software you just have to find its compatible plugin and you are all good to go. WordPress gives you flexibility over plugins and make your work a lot easier. If you need any distinct functionality then you should just choose the best plugin and you will have this functionality without writing any code for it. 

Longevity and scalability

WordPress platform provides you better scalability than any other content management service. You can easily get net functionalities and capabilities when you are using WordPress. You can add multiple post media without any limits on WordPress. If you want an e-commerce solution for your business then WordPress can provide it by integrating with some good e-commerce web application. This provides WordPress build website longevity. It enables you to expand and do well in your business. 

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Disadvantages of WordPress Platform


If you have a website and you want to migrate your website from another platform to WordPress then it will cost you. However, if your website is small with only a few pages then you won’t have to worry but if you have an enterprise level website then it will cost you much. There are multiple automated tools available for this work but you need to have WordPress developer for any sort of complexities and broken functionally problems. 

The speed of the website

If you are using too much of coding or plugins in the building of your website then it will definitely take a toll on performance and loading time. It will make your website slow to respond and will take considerable time to load all the associated plugins. 

A lot of Plugins

Usually plugins are there to provide extra functionality to the website but a lot of plugins could make things worse. If you are using more than two plugins then it will drastically affect the performance of your website. It really does affect as the user won’t wait much for the website to load and this can cause a negative impact on your business. So, it’s always advisable that you use a minimum number of plugins and remove the non-functional or not needed plugins. 

Frequent updates

It’s kind of good that you get frequent updates on WordPress. However, some of the updates cause havoc as they update the codes and cause previous outdated code not to work. Apart from this even some of the plugins do not get updated and might not work with the updated version. Sometimes this type of thing can be minor or completely catastrophic for your website and result in non-functioning of your website.  

Conclusion: Everything just like WordPress has advantages and disadvantages but it has a lot of rewards when compared to shortcomings. WordPress is an advanced framework which provides you with growth in your business and enables you to achieve your business goals. 

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