5 Mobile App Development Trends To Stay In 2017

5 Mobile App Development Trends To Stay In 2017

Smartphones have become an integrated part of almost every individual residing in an urban area. Most of the business owners are now taking extra care to improve their app presence to reach customers in an effective manner. The number of mobile users is around 2.1 Billion and this number is on a consistent rise. Therefore, the use of Smartphone and mobile apps will increase in 2017. So, for the ones who are looking to make their business go online via app should consider the following trends and then approach to an android app development company in india or iOS app development company. Top 5 trends in mobile app development:

1.Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP):

Google started AMP project a year back and now Google has announced that it will have a separate search index for the mobile web. This will directly affect the mobile app development approach and will also affect the SEO and web app perspective. Through Google AMP, the web apps will load on the devices in a much faster way and will help in reducing the bounce rate to a great extent. The publishers will also be benefitted with improved ad visibility and a higher number of visitors. Therefore, we have kept this trend on the first position in our list.

2. Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Are In Demand:  

Cloud Computing is not new, and most of the tech professionals are aware of its effects in the industry. Now, cloud computing has also found its place with mobile apps. With this, we can now expect powerful apps that directly take data from the cloud server and require minimum space on the smartphone’s internal memory. Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive are some of the leading examples but, according to research, 90% of total mobile data traffic will be through the cloud by 2019.

3. Focus On Security:

Most of the apps present in the market lack advanced security features.  Hackers consistently explore the persisting security gaps within popular apps and as more people are sharing their personal information through these apps, their concerns regarding security are also high. So, if your app has that an additional edge of improved security, you will be ahead in the competition. A beneficial tip will be to look for an iOS or Android developers in India or anywhere who has a close eye on security measures.

4. M-Commerce Is The Next Benchmark:

The use of mobile wallets have seen a significant rise these days. People are preferring to use online mobile wallets instead of using their credit/debit cards. This has given a significant push to M-commerce. If these mobile wallets are coupled to M-commerce then this trend will take a completely new dimension.

5. Enterprise Apps & Micro-Apps Will Improve:

The initial goal of an enterprise mobile app is to help a business restructure, streamline and manage important business processes instantly. A micro-app is targeted for little and precise operations and takes very less load time. Both kinds of apps are successful in accomplishing the required tasks and can be expected to continue further. So, enterprise and micro-apps will continue to grow and help in improving the business operations. This trend is expected to stay consistent in the current year.

When it comes to mobile app development what makes a real difference is the skills of the developers that are working on your vision and idea. So, is you are looking to work upon any of the above-mentioned trends, then the team of LogicSpice will help you in the best possible manner to achieve your targets in the set time period. So, do not wait and work on the above-mentioned trends to take the lead in the market.

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