Launch An Online Business Directory Similar To Yellow Pages

Launch An Online Business Directory Similar To Yellow Pages

In this era of globalization where people want everything on the click of the button, why not to help them get everything in one place? If you are a person who is willing to help businesses to promote themselves, earn name, fame and money by creating a business directory website similar to yellow pages. 

What Is An Online Business Directory?

An online business directory is a common place where you can accumulate the information on all businesses by segregating it on niche based. The business is categorized according to the niche, location, size and activity.  The business directory is same as the traditional phone book, where you were able to find all the contacts similarly you can create a business directory website similar to yellow pages, to let the consumers reach you.

An online business directory involves the information gathered on a website or mobile phone application for various businesses. The information includes the type of business, address, contact number, services the business provides any professional association and so on. A vast business directory script features like yellow pages target the nook and corner of the selected location for their businesses.

How To Create Your Own Online Business Directory?

To create an online business directory you first need to conclude on the niche in which you wish to operate. It can be restaurants, real-estate, temporary accommodation, clinics and much more options to mention. The basic criteria for selecting your niche is that you should be aware what people are looking for. Hence, meet the need of your audience and gain prominence in the market.

You can select the location globally, nationally or locally depending upon your set goals or you can start with a local business directory and slowly pave your ways. After this, set up a domain and launch the same. You can contact the business firms to display ad to your domain to become a word-of-mouth. With the help of this, you can generate the income. A great business directory script can give you wonders.

Why Create Your Own Online Business Directory?

People today have an urge for start-ups. Millennials now are not restricted to 9-6 jobs rather they want to churn out more. Therefore, you must do something which could be of great help to the society. The internet and mobile phones have made the life simpler thus, by setting up an mobile friendly online business directory which will enable people to reach anywhere they wish to in a click of the button will definitely make their life easier. 

Business Directory Script

Ways to make money with a Business directory site

1. Give packages for business listing

Allow business owners to list their products & services for free to 5 products and services or more. If they want to add more products & services then ask them to buy your plan which will include a lot of functionality and features to promote their business more effectively.

2. Offer Higher Ranks to Those Who Pay You More

Business owners are aware of the importance of ranking in google. They are willing to pay you more if you assure to rank higher in google so they can get good exposure for their business.

3. Collect Emails & Sell Those Leads

This is the basic method. Collect the emails through signups and sell those leads to the business owners and get your commission.

Therefore, to create an online business directory website similar to yellow pages, you need to have an awesome business directory script which you can gain from various tool and software. Moreover, you have to make your page presence so well that you are not hidden from anyone's eye. So, if you are looking to get a business directory website similar to yellow pages, contact LogicSpice. Our proficient team of experts knows the insights of industry in an effective manner which helps us in providing optimal solutions to our clients in a cost-effective manner.

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