Top 5 Javascript Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Development

Top 5 Javascript Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Development

Creating modern applications is not an easy task these days, as it used to be. Earlier applications used to be created by chaining together multiple HTML pages into a seamless workflow. But nowadays the applications are more complex with best implementation of latest java script frameworks done on the same page itself. This resulted in a lot of hard work for mobile app developers.

This is where frontend JavaScript Framework helps them to make various app sections communicate with each other on the same page. This also helps developers and designers to patch together an app in a better and neat way instead of creating various patches at the end of the development phase to get the desired app look. It saves the time of developer and designer to sit together at the end of the development process to give the final touch to the app, hence saving a lot of time and energy especially in case of single page apps.

Javascript is one of the major contributors to the web designers , web development company and app development company thus enhances developer's ability to create single page applications without getting into the depth of coding architecture.

Though there are many JavaScript frameworks available in the market, not all of them are complete frameworks which means not every framework can be used to create every aspect of the application.

Most popular frameworks for web and mobile app development

1. Angular JS

Developed by Google and having around 800 third-party modules, Angular JS is the most used JS which has almost everything an MVC ( model view control ) based app must have. It is flexible, having  lots of features and a community backing of millions of members. It works on the concept of two-way data binding. It also reduces the need for introducing other JS libraries into the development process, thus reducing maintenance complexities.

Angular JS

2. Ember JS

Like Angular.JS, Ember is also a two-way data binding framework keeping both model and view in sync during the development process. It applies Fastboot.js module ensuring prompt server-side rendering of DOM, hence improving the performance of complex UIs. Having a robust routing framework, Ember is good in case of complex nested routes and templates within a page.

Ember JS

3. React JS

Unlike Angular and Ember, React is a non-MVC framework and essentially a javascript library. It renders the View (V) of MVC and integrates with other frameworks for M and C part of the architecture. It is efficient within dynamic high traffic applications like Facebook and Instagram. It uses virtual DOM which provides great performance boost as compared to other JS. It is easy to understand and best fit for complex and great software solutions.

React JS

4. Vue 2.0

Vue can be considered as a handy package with the best of Angular, React and Ember JS. This makes it faster and leaner compared to other popular frameworks. Vue has some popular features like a two-way data binding ( like Angular.JS, Ember.JS), server-side rendering like React.JS, a scaffolding tool for quick start called Vue-clip and comes with an optional JSX support. Vue has become a better choice for quick development of cross-platform solutions.

Vue JS

5. Meteor JS

Meteor is the other popular Javascript framework having many features for supporting back-end development, front-end rendering, database management and business logics. This enables end to end development much faster. Due to its modular structure, all the packages and libraries can be used quickly, while all the changes are immediately transferred into UI and there is no significant time loss due to server response time. It covers all the stages of app development cycle and also reduces the pain of complex process of linking and file concentration.

Meteor JS

As stated earlier, none of the Javascript frameworks has all the features supporting the end to end requirements of software development. Therefore, mobile app developers can choose among the above-mentioned tools depending on their requirements and suitability to grow their mobile app development company.

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