How To Build a Viral Crowdfunding Platform Like Kickstarter and GoFundMe?

How To Build a Viral Crowdfunding Platform Like Kickstarter and GoFundMe?

These are websites for charity projects wherein people raise money for animals, college costs, medical expenses etc. There are number of reward ideas listed on the websites for people to check before proceeding to support. The campaigns can be of all kinds of serving a personal cause to any other cause.  Initially, one must know how others proceed with such projects and to know this-

The shares received by the campaign must be counted on before, their pictures and videos and even the time span must be checked. The help center also has a clear strategy stated in the how to fund raise section of these sites which can be checked before starting off with the project. To commence with creating a viral platform following are the major steps that must be followed- 

1. Reaching our personal networks- The major funding comes from personal networks because gathering strangers is a huge task, thus reaching out the personal lot is vital. They help in spreading the campaign to the world too. Individuals must be informed personally in your network and they must be explained the reason of doing the campaign as well. To encourage them one must tell them how much they can  support your campaigns and what difference their presence can make. 


2. The grassroots marketing is a strategy- The local newspaper hawkers, charitable organizations, profit making and nonprofit organizations can help in expanding and reaching out a wider audience. Marketing of Readymade Crowd Funding website similar to kickstarter clone can also done by them.

3. Pinpointing the reasons for the story to be shared- One must check the social media publications which generate shares and then examine the path they adopt. The story must have some inclination toward the type of content that the outlet desires, so that it appeals to the media outlets be it for a Crowdfunding Clone Script. Media attention is again important, because it is again a task to explain to the media how intriguing the story is and how many copies will it sell. 

4. Domain link-  Domain link- It is one of the essential thing. The name should be simple as well as linked to the brand. Keep it short and try using keywords that describe your business and service you offer. 

5. Enhancing the product and problem solving- By solving a major problem or by identifying consumer’s pain and providing suitable solution to it can turn heads. To back any project, one might need to invest at first, as a part of problem solving but this will surely serve the purpose in long run. It will ultimately help in attracting more customers. 

6. The funding should be channelized properly- To create a buzz and get noticed in the market, funding channelization is vital. Most of the studies have shown that most of the campaigns bring out about 30% of goals within the opening days itself.  The early supporters help in pre-launching campaigns and also put in marketing efforts during this time. The momentum should be necessarily established. Just an initial push is required and the rest is ensured by the crowd and platform.

7. Make promotional video- The video must be visually pleasing like the one Mr. Grepper did. The video must count as it forms the major part of your presentation. Other than being catchy it should be short and sweet. Most of the studies now a days show that these campaigns are at times more successful because of the videos only. 

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