How to Build a Restaurant Table Booking App like Zomato?

How to Build a Restaurant Table Booking App like Zomato?

One of the best restaurant table booking apps, Zomato has literally hit the sweet spot. The app not only allows the user to book a table at the restaurant of their choice, rather it helps them in exploring various popular cuisines as well while interacting with plethora of fans. Zomato uses a location based search technique to find best nearby restaurants for people enabling them to solve their hassle of finding a desirable place to dine.

A revolutionary app, it certainly has changed the way people go for selecting a restaurant and cuisines for themselves. Quite user friendly app, it not only enables people to book a table at their favourite restaurant, it also facilitates food ordering as well from nearby restaurants. Since, Zomato believes in keeping it simple and hassle free, it has kept table booking app and food ordering app separate from each other. The restaurant guide app has of late become a sort of phenomena and promotes social engagement which makes it even more exciting.

The road to success has not been easier and Zomato too had to have its share of tough moments. So, anyone who is looking forward to create a similar platform, needs to take clue from the app and should aim at developing an app as solid and reliable as Zomato. User friendliness should be their main objective and besides this, the app should be designed into different modules making it easier to navigate, find restaurants and have social engagement.

Here are some of the most important functionalities that a suitable restaurant guide app should provide to its users to promote the chances of its survival and growth.

Important Functionality for a Restaurant Booking Guide App

It should enable registration via social networks  - A fair percentage of people never sign up for apps because they ask users to complete tedious registration process. So, if you are creating a table finder app and want it to succeed, then it is best that it allows the user to register to it using their Facebook or Google account.

Restaurant profile - Another quite important and user friendly function or facility that the restaurant table booking system should provide is that of creating a restaurant profile. The user should be able to get professional reviews of the restaurant available nearby that will help them in making a better and informed choice.

User profile - For a restaurant table booking app to be perfect, it must promote user engagement. An area within the app where the people could share their reviews and information would certainly enhance the reliability of the app & make it quite popular as well.

Location based search and suggestions - This one is one of the most important requisites and should be there in the app to make it perform like Zomato. The app should track the location of the user quite perfectly and should suggest them with restaurants within their budget as well as those based on their preference.

Adding the place as favourite or save for later - Another quite important feature that a user friendly restaurant table app should provide to its users is that of adding a restaurant to favourite list or saving it for later. This will enhance the user experience making the app quite productive.

Calling facility via the app - A perfect table booking app should provide the facility of calling to restaurant directly from its window.

Restaurant reviews and ratings - Highly useful feature, the app should allow the user to leave a review about the restaurant. They should also be given the facility to rate the food and service of the restaurant as well.

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Basic prototype of the restaurant table booking app

Engaging home screen

When at the time of designing the app, it is important that emphasis is laid on making the home screen appear engaging and intuitive. It should be neatly designed and should help the user navigate through the whole app quite effortlessly. The home screen of the app should not properly look a Zomato clone, but it is paramount that it should be designed in such manner. Search should be the prime function of the app and the home screen should redirect the user to that function quite easily and hassle freely.

Informative restaurant profile screen 

Another crucial screen, the restaurant profile page should be designed in way making it look quite engrossing and captivating. Nearby restaurants based on the location of the user should reflect on one side and popular searches should reflect one side. In addition to this, the user should be able to find a restaurant based on specific keywords as well. The page or screen should reflect the ratings of the restaurant, reliable reviews as well as the working hours of the restaurant. Our mobile app development company have an expert designers to give better user experience.

Menu is an important feature and along with the available offers as well as discounts should also reflect quite strikingly. Images play a crucial role in luring the user about specific dish or restaurant and therefore the screen should also contain them as well.

Intuitive and reliable review screen

Whether you are going to design a table booking app using Zomato ready-made script or by making new codes, the importance of review screen remains the same everywhere. This one page or screen of the app is most crucial and can help your app get the status of reliability.

Therefore, the users should be asked to review the restaurant on frequent basis. Giving reviews should be made engaging while creating a social engagement. Users should also be given the facility to rate the restaurants on a scale of 5 or 10 which will further enhance the usefulness of the restaurant table booking app.

Important consideration 

In addition to the features and app prototype, the most important aspect of the app is its data. Therefore, efforts should be made to collect data about restaurants in the most honest manner. Listings should be made and ratings should be given to restaurants based on their track record. Reliability is the most important factor and information dispensed should be factual and should not in any way promote false review or ratings.

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