How much would it cost To develop a food delivery app on Android and iOS ?

How much would it cost To develop a food delivery app on Android and iOS ?

There are few fundamental expenses included in developing a Food Delivery app for iOS and android and we here at Logicspice bear the few which are-

Developer’s expenses :- They take normal expenses for an engineer that can range from $5-10 per hour for the per hour basis criteria or around $100 for a month in general. These figures keep on changing as per the aptitude and specialization needs from the engineer.

Cost of the gatherings :- This involves a huge amount of money that we need to spend on social affair, overviews, conferences and on the staff that will carry out such employment strategies.

Design and development :- Applications configuration and its development is the total that any business will spend on its engineers and related staff. This also includes the cost of different licenses as well as the cost of hire mobile app developers. User interface plays an important roles in  Food Delivery app for iOS and android .

Testing and publication :- Bug fixes are vital, so after an application is created it should be rigorously tested for any kind of fixes. And as far as the idea of outside testing is considered, the expenses increase. To distribute an app, one-time charge, $25 is payable.

Application market :- There are necessary marketing costs involved because the advertisement is essential. Without advertisement, you can't be sure about your app reaching the target market.

Few mobile app cost as per the recent statistics which we at LogicSpice consider are-

Simple table based app - In this, the customer provides with content, directions and few examples of similar applications. There are a few additions in this such as a GPS locator, bells, and whistles like social media integration which sums to an amount of $1000-4000.

Database app- In this, the customer needs to provide the designer with every little detail, content, design, graphics, direction etc. The cost comes from the usability of the app and the logic in the app. These are front heavy projects since the database that drives the food delivery application is important.

The cost of such application sums up to $8000-50,000 which is similar to food delivery app similar to foodpanda. These kinds of food delivery applications make life easy, as people get ready to eat meals at their doorsteps and they serve comfortable services at Online food delivery app. The sum total of these costs effectively tell us the amount needed to develop any kind of food delivery application. So, if you are looking to take your business online then contact LogicSpice. Our ios and android app developer is not only well verse with all the latest trends but, also capable enough to boost your business in an effective manner.

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  1. Very informative article, thanks for sharing. It will be very useful for restaurant owners to make their own food delivery app.

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