Factors To Consider While Choosing Web Builder For E-Commerce Website

Factors To Consider While Choosing Web Builder For E-Commerce Website

In today's scenario, online buyers expect quick, personalized, and hassle free experiences. If your ecommerce website doesn't convey these services, you're missing out on huge online sales and loosing deals regularly would be quite bad news for your business.

eCommerce development and eCommerce sites demand are at its peak in the present scenario and for the ones who are just at the initial stage in this field, it is a good option to go for an effective eCommerce website builder to get your own online store. If one opts for this option, then the choices in the market is plenty, but complete package, important components, and major components of the software should be checked closely in order to achieve most optimal results. The knowledge and experience for building an eCommerce website vary for different eCommerce website solution providers and it is important that each user should pick the right component according to the need and requirement. Keeping an updated list of required components can save time and money simultaneously.

The business potential from taking your organization online is tremendous. It can be as huge as the Internet itself and you can do this with a user-friendly online store builder. It's a smart approach for choosing an online web builder, but there are some factors that must be considered before choosing any eCommerce website builder -

Website Design & Templates (Themes) -

Website Design & Templates


After a user's visit, you have 5-10 seconds for grabbing the user attention to a listed product. This is the time-frame in which the users make their decision whether they will browse your product pages or not and if you are unable to gain their attention, they are likely to leave your website. An effective eCommerce website should have unique and simple design to attract more visitors and it plays an important role in boosting business sales. 

An effective design is important when you are focused on selling. You have to showcase case your products more attractive and to make this, eCommerce software providers offer variety of templates (themes). You just need to select a suitable theme for your business. You’ll find free or low priced themes created by other users, but you should visit their sites and see the theme in action before applying.

Features -

eCommerce Features - Approhire


The top eCommerce portal should be integrated with all unique features like

  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Options
  • Site Security (SSL)
  • Content Management

You should check these features with your online store builder provider.


eCommerce Functionality - Approhire


An eCommerce portal is an online identity of your business and it’s very important that it should work fine. Your website is making users connection with your brand and, a poor buying experience is harmful for your business. Your eCommerce portal should be capable enough to handle large number of customers at a time. A well designed eCommerce platforms can attract more users, but it's not good enough if it's functionality is not working smoothly.  

Ease of Use

A perfectly working eCommerce portal is a combination of "eCommerce platform” and “shopping cart software" that help you to run your online store and process payment. If you want a complete eCommerce platform, it includes web hosting, web templates, payment processing, marketing, security, and more. There are many vendors who offer everything that you need to run your online store, but you just need to select carefully based on interface need.  

Mobile Friendly -

Mobile Friendly -Approhire


Google search algorithm now includes mobile-friendly as a ranking factor for any website, so your eCommerce website should be friendly to mobile device and tablets? The mazor eCommerce web builder offers these templates and designs to stay competitive in current growing market. make sure you have chosen such mobile friendly online store maker so you can reach large customer base via mobile phones.

SEO Friendly Architecture

 SEO Friendly Architecture - Approhire


We all know that Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in making your business more visible over search engines. Your online web Builder must follow the standard SEO features to make your website stand. General SEO support & specific feature that you should keep monitoring is -

  • Page URLs
  • Navigation Links
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image ALT Tags
  • H1 Headings

Many Top Web Builder offer this, but not all.

Support -

If you are running an online store for your business, make sure it's working fine for 24*7 because if something is wrong, you will lose your sales. Now here the support services matters that how fast you can get help from your service providers. So you have to double check with your online store builders about 24/7 support because just showing 24*7 support doesn't mean it’s live. After business hours it might be a chat support only.

The ones who are new to eCommerce may choose the complete package, as they need to explore each corner of this field. You must choose the right eCommerce website builder after considering all the above stated factors according to the need.

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