Create a 10-minute Grocery Delivery App like Zepto and BlinkIt

Create a 10-minute Grocery Delivery App like Zepto and BlinkIt

Grocery and food aggregators adore swiftness. Faster than ever, groceries are being delivered, making speed and convenience the most important aspects of the user purchasing experience. Customers who don't have time to drive to the supermarket or want to escape the stress of dealing with congestion and parking can now get anything from any location and delivered it on time to their doorsteps.

You may be scratching your head about how to create a Grocery Delivery App similar to Zepto and Blinkit that can deliver goods in under ten minutes. The Answer is you need a grocery delivery script. Continue reading to learn more about building a Grocery Delivery App Development.

Getting going will require the following steps:

As a result of the pandemic's effects on supply chains, a new internet delivery sub-segment dubbed Quick Commerce (or q-commerce) emerged, promising customers they would receive their grocery orders within 10-30 minutes of placing them. Micro-warehouses are established closer to the place of delivery, and SKUs are limited to 2,000 high-demand items. Algorithms are used to send workers on the shortest routes through the congested streets of Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata, as well as other cities.

Understand the market requirements

The first step in beginning a business is identifying a market need. That way, you'll know where to place your android & iphone app in the market and what features to provide.

Find out what other businesses are up to in this sector, and use that knowledge to set yourself apart. A well-thought-out business plan is essential before launching a company. With this document, you can outline Grocery Delivery Company's strategies and plans for reaching those objectives, such as the intended clientele, pricing structure, and promotional tactics. There are numerous factors to think about while running a grocery service app, like choosing the right grocery delivery script, cost analysis of app development, whether to build an iphone or Android app or both etc.

Plan your Human Capital

Human capital is one of a company's most important assets. As a result, it's crucial to staff your grocery store with enthusiastic pros with relevant experience. Different skill types and degrees of expertise will be needed on this team, and those differences will strengthen the whole.

Start-up costs for an on-demand web delivery service can be high; therefore, you'll need to find investors. You can get this money by selling your idea to investors, crowdfunding platform users, friends, and family or using your funds.

Build your Custom Grocery App

Building an app is the most crucial step in launching a Zepto and Blinkit-like business. You need a perfect grocery delivery script. Your clients will need this to submit orders and check on the progress of their deliveries. The best Grocery website Development is the one that allows you to provide value to your consumers in the simplest way possible.

Zepto and Blinkit are cross-platform, meaning you can use them on iOS or Android, but you still need to pick the proper one for your app's release. It's a good idea to survey your target audience to find out which platform they prefer if you need help deciding.

Features must be developed with care; therefore, it's essential to consider which ones to add and how to blend them. Having too many elements can make the app easier to use while offering more can make it feel complete.

Top Features of Grocery Delivery Apps like Zepto and BlinkIt

Grocery Delivery App Development will offer you 3 user interfaces for the smooth functioning of the app. The 10-minute grocery delivery app and its features are:

Improved efficiency and convenience are only two ways the 10-minute delivery concept improves upon using on-demand delivery apps. For a 10-minute grocery delivery app, the app development company needs to create three user interfaces: one for customers, one for delivery agents, and one for admin.

  • Customer Panel: A mobile application for purchasing and having groceries delivered
  • Admin Panel: App for Taking and Fulfilling Orders
  • Delivery Agent Panel: Check, Add, and Remove Vendors and Track Their Progress

Create Customer App User Interface:

  • Users should be able to sign up with just a phone number or a social media account.
  • Grocery shopping is made much simpler by the site's straightforward navigation.
  • Speedy checkout is made possible by a variety of payment options.
  • Users can enter the delivery address manually or use the map to pinpoint the spot.
  • Keep tabs on your orders in real-time to see where the delivery person is in the process.
  • When the user is available, the package will be delivered.
  • Remember to provide your thoughts on the reviewed items and services in the ratings and comments section.
  • Build a grocery delivery script with your present user interface.
  • Inform customers of new products, their orders' status, and special offers.

Create Delivery agent app:

  • You can view and control the stock at all hidden stores to speed up order fulfillment.
  • Monitor the delivery agent's availability, efficiency, and other key metrics to see where improvements can be made.
  • Looking at the investments and total revenues reports, you can see how much money was made or lost.


Grocery Website Development businesses like the Zepto and BlinkIt revenue models can reach cities with a sizable market base and revenue distribution. You can build your Grocery Delivery App Development and structurize your complete businesses around it. Businesses like convenience stores can quickly monetize in densely populated areas. Customers, vendors, and delivery people are all readily available to these businesses. To determine how much it will cost to create a grocery delivery app, new businesses should do nothing more than contacting Logicspice app development services.

Hiring a team of app developers to complete your project allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of app development.

At Logicspice, we build grocery delivery scripts to ensure that the android & iphone apps will be the quickest available on the market.

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