Comparison Between Angular Vs ReactJS Vs Vue.JS

Comparison Between Angular Vs ReactJS Vs Vue.JS

If you are into cross platform app development then you might be aware of distinct frameworks and JavaScript software’s for the purpose of development. Today, there are distinct platform like Angular, ReactJs, Vue.Js, these all work quite similar so it’s very difficult to choose one for your project. So, to learn more about these three frameworks, lets do a detail comparison of them - Angular vs ReactJS vs Vue.JS; It would be helpful for you and the developers if you know all the aspect of the platforms side by side – 

Compatibility of Library

Angular - It is good in library compatibility but if you have Typescript then it struggles and then you require definitions for each library. It comes 3rd in library compatibility but if you are aware about the AngularJs then you should know that it has a huge library of its own and this needs time and practice.

ReactJs - It is one of the best when comes to Libraries however it doesn’t work with DOM, it works on the pure JavaScript concept and this is the reason for its popularity if you are using the DOM. There are certain libraries which have their alternatives in ReactJs. It uses less Abstraction, you can use other libraries but for that you require good command over the framework.

VueJs - It works almost perfectly because it has very less inbuilt libraries files in it and that could really be a nice thing. It provides the perfect solution if you are working with DOM and javaScript. It is the best choice for adaptability of 3rd party libraries.  

Scalability of Platform

Angular - It is powerful yet easy and scalable cause of its distinct design and it’s backed by one of the most potent CLI.

ReactJs - It is scalable but not as much as Angular but it gives you a lot of options and provide you more scalability than the Vue.Js and it’s somewhat correct.

Vue.Js - It is good but it’s not that good when it comes to Scalability and you need to know it too much if you want to try Scalability.  

Popularity and Community

ReactJs is the most popular framework when you have to work with English frontend or full stack communities. It is also one of the efficient choices when it comes to native JavaScript and it’s really good for desktop apps.

ReactJS vs Angular - Things are really unconfirmed here and it really depends on your project where any of it will be better.

Vue.Js Vs Angular - If you are choosing Vue.Js then you should know it had grown too quickly, but if you choose Angular then you get the back support of Google, Angular also provides you support of its other predecessors like AngularJS which had been one of the most successful framework in past years.  

Various Companies Prospective

Angular - It is open source and the power of google in it that makes it one of the best choices for any company. But there are a few things or issues with the angular usage.

ReactJS - It comes with patent clause and not much suitable for some business development. However, recently they got switched to MIT, which make it a good deal.

Vue.Js - It’s fast and easy, it’s also one of the most popular platforms in the recent projects and works almost best in some instances. However, they are not the very best in some instances, but it has its upper hand as it’s reliable and fast.  

Code Length and Simplicity

Angular - It is not that much simple but it has support from Google & other apps. Sometimes, you often find it complex and hard to understand and can create lot of problems if you want to adapt to other third-party libraries.

ReactJS - It is simple and more understandable but it is time consuming to code as it doesn’t allow you few basic things which require more time to do if you are planning to code a project out of it.

Vue.Js - It comes with a set of previously built data that helps you in coding and it is one of the reasons which made it popular in so less time.  

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Development time

Angular - The Angular platform is one of the best choices for the companies but you need to spend time in coding unnecessary syntax. Even doing simple things can be time consuming.

ReactJS - It takes time to set things up, but when you are done with that you can make an app easily and it’s really easy if you want to add new things to your app.

Vue.Js - It is not only easy to setup but it doesn’t require you to code any unnecessary syntax and that is why it’s been loved by the developers. So, Angular vs ReactJS vs Vue.JS which is best for Web Application Development as each framework comes with its own strengths and weaknesses hence, finding the best one truly depends on your project needs and your experience as a developer.  So if are you looking for hire experianced angularJS developer for your project then hire expert web developer from logicspice on hourly and monthly basis.

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