Why CodeIgniter Is Recommended Over Other PHP Frameworks?

Why CodeIgniter Is Recommended Over Other PHP Frameworks?

PHP is without a jaded shade of doubt the best platform for the website developers and most of you get to write the scripts in PHP only. There are many frameworks that are available for you when you are looking to write a website code in the PHP platform. CodeIgniter is one of the most popular options that are available for you when you talk about the script writing for the websites.

CodeIgniter is being highly used by the developers because of its rich features and provide you with highly interactive and fuss free websites. It also supports various programs such as smart snippets, built in libraries amongst others to make things simpler for you. It is also easier for the developers to write the programs in the CodeIgniter thus making it a suitable choice for you as a developer.

Awesome Features of CodeIgniter

Reliable and trusted platform

This is one of the major reasons why you should opt for the CodeIgniter is because it is one of the oldest development platforms.  It is one of the most trusted and reliable platforms for the development which is why it is highly liked by any top developer. Most of the top developers make use of this platform for the web development and develop highly innovative and interactive websites.

Compact and efficient

Another feature of CodeIgniter which makes it an ideal choice for you as a developer is because it is highly efficient and compact. It does not take a great deal of space and at the same time has power pact features.  CodeIgniter is very compact language so that you need not to write any extra fuss while developing a website. You just need to write what is requisite and necessary for you which are not the case with other platforms.

Simple but attractive 

such a smart option and pretty simple for the codeigniter programmers. But at the same time, it never fails to make an impact on the audience with its look. With the CodeIgniter, you can easily understand your code as a developer and there is no any complexity in the CodeIgniter framework as well.

In addition to this, the websites developed using the CodeIgniter framework is also friendly to the users and the users can easily scroll through the website without any complication. With some of the other platforms, user-friendliness is an issue which makes an impact on the rating of the website. Thus, the website is not able to garner the kind of impact in the market that you desire or crave and your client may not be able to boost the business by its website. So, it is rather smart for you to opt for the CodeIgniter and design the websites that create a name for you.

Easy file uploading

It is very simple to upload the files on the website. Along with this file compression and sharing is also possible that only makes things better for you as a developer. Especially when you are developing applications in a lot, it is quite smart option to make use of the CodeIgniter. It will help you to develop various applications with ease and aplomb by taking much lesser time than in some of the other frameworks.

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MVC supported

The model view controller helps you in making your web applications secure, quick and converts into independent modules. At the same time, you also have the option of making MVC independent applications when you are working on any special project. So, the framework has different options for different types of websites as per the needs and demands of the clients making it an apt choice for the developers.

Supports a wide variety of libraries

One of the important features that you all want to have as developers is access to wide range of libraries and plug-ins. With the CodeIgniter framework, you have the option to add sample snippets to design your website with ease. Especially when you are a new starter as a developer, this feature is highly helpful for you as it will make things smoother for you. You need not to put in a great deal of effort as everything is available on the libraries that are available for you. You can also get tutorial guide which is very helpful for the starters thus making your job as a developer easier. It helps you to make instant impact on the clients by your website design and appearance. So, these were the some reasons which make Codeigniter more preferable over the other available frameworks in the market. If you are looking to get a customized web and mobile app development for your business requirements, you can consult the expert team of Logicspice which possess years of experience in the field.

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