5 Amazing Bootstrap Alternatives You Must Try

5 Amazing Bootstrap Alternatives You Must Try

Choosing the right framework for front-end web designing is an overwhelming task. There are a lot of frameworks available to choose from but one goes for the most popular framework. Without the second thought, web developer finds these three frameworks best for the front end web designing i.e. bootstrap framework, foundation, and Skeleton. But there are more handful bootstrap alternatives are available for front-end web designing.

List of Bootstrap alternatives to make your task easier

Cardinal CSS

CardnicalCSS is a mobile-first CSS framework majorly focus on performance and stability. It makes a prototype, build, scale easy, maintain CSS for responsive websites, applications and interface for web developers. A most flexible grid system for buttons, forms, and tables. The whole framework can be minimized at 11.27KB. 


This is one of the lights weighted and minimum framework. It takes less time to override styles and creates well-designed websites. It is built mobile-first to make sure that it works perfectly on all the sizes. Modular code so you include what you want, automatic sensation to automate your workflow from build to go live, cross-browser compatibility. 


The framework which is SEO friendly and works with Saas. It is the follow-up version of the 960 grid that creates a fully responsive website. By using only push-x and pull-y, the developer can easily arrange the layout of a web page without affecting the source code. This framework is known for being more likely SEO friendly as compared to any other framework for web design


A very tiny CSS framework which can be easily used in every web project. The entire modules can be minified in only 3.8KB*. The framework is fully responsive so it works perfectly on all the screen and element looks good at every screen size. It is so minimal and flat, Just by using a few CSS rules, you can customize your website. 

Simple Grid

12-Column CSS grid for quick building of the website. It is one of the simplest frameworks for web development for mobile. It works so well that all the columns get responsive as per the screen. It is super light so no worries about the loading speed of the page. If developers prefer SASS, then they download SCSS file.

These are some of the amazing bootstrap alternatives for web development. Try one of these framework for your next web development project and share your experience. 

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