Why Should You Choose MEAN STACK For Your Web Development Project?

Why Should You Choose MEAN STACK For Your Web Development Project?

Web development has become quite a necessity with the changing times as many people these days want to have their websites. This is one of the major reasons why the developers need to be innovative and unique while developing new websites. JavaScript based web development is one of the major web development platforms which is used for the website development in the modern times. In the recent times, we have switched to the MEAN STACK rather than the normal LAMP/WAMP stack that is making things easier for you. There are various advantages of the new mean stack as there are more modes that are available to you.

Meaning of the word “MEAN” - The word MEAN is an acronym and it expands as M for Mongo DB, E for Express, A for Angular JS and N for the node.js. This lethal combination is a blessing for everyone as they are helping in making the complex process very easy and smooth:

Mongo DB - The first part of this MEAN stack is MongoDB which is a NoSQL database system without any schema. The major advantage of this system is that it stores the data in the binary system which is thus easier to process. The major advantage of this system is that it helps you to manage the database. It depends on the architectural structure which consists of the tables, documents, columns and rows.

MongoDB - NoSQL database system logicspice

The other advantage of the MongoDB is that it is quite cost effective when compared to the old and orthodox techniques which were used previously. It is also highly effective in transferring both the client side as well as server side data. But the use of MongoDB is not limited to this only as it can also be used for index preparation, sorting of the files, files storing amongst other uses.

Express.JS - Express.JS is another very important framework which is used for the web application development these days in the MEAN stack. The biggest advantage of this framework is that it gets to use minimal resources while at the same time providing you with maximum results. The amount of opportunities that you have with the express.JS framework is massive and has large scale impact on the web development techniques that are in use in the modern days.

Express.JS - Logicspice

With the Express.JS framework, the development of the websites gets simpler which makes things easier for the developers. The Express.JS technology has the cutting edge over the techniques that were used before for web development. One of the other advantages of this technique is that its combination with the Node.JS is lethal and makes the web development not only easy but smoother as well. This framework is mainly designed for web applications where you need to have lightening speed combined with the security which is unmatched. It helps the developer to write very fast, secure and easy to use applications which in turn helps in increasing the audience count on the website.

Angular.JS - The next part of the acronym MEAN is AngularJS which is used for the frontend applications. As the express.JS is used for the back end, Angular.JS does the job at the front end. It is your best friend for the front end web application developments. The best thing with AngularJS developer is that it is highly reliable as it is developed by none other than Google.

Angular.JS - web application developments

This factor also gives it the advantage when you talk about the SEO and digital marketing aspects. Especially when you are very busy on any project, this framework is best suited for you. Angular.JS framework allows you to develop dynamic and unique applications that are not only loved by the clients but also the audience.

The fact that it has data binding capacity also helps in paying attention towards the aspects such as the codes and the main application structure as well and a Dedicated AngularJS developer  can help you a great deal. It also helps in creating dynamic applications such as Apache Codarava for cross platform development.

Node.JS - The combination of Node.JS and Express.JS is a lethal one. Node.JS is developed by Chrome’s V8 engine. What makes it unique is the combination of vibrant speed as well as the classy structure. It is greatly helpful in developing applications for the modern age guys.

Node.JS - Logicspice

The web structure is very helpful in making web servers, modules and any type of web applications. A Dedicated NodeJS developer  can be very helpful in providing smart and interactive websites for any use. When you have some smart developers on board the things gets pretty easy for you. In addition to this, if you are willing to have websites that attract the clients with their interface, it is a no match.

Major advantages of Mean Stack 

  • The first and the most important aspect that attracts the customers towards the mean stack is that it is friendly to the budget. The developers have the option to share the codes and at the same time, they can also be reused without any kind of fuss.

  • Another thing with mean stack is that it is very vivid and thus it gets to cover the entire JavaScript. If you are working with mean stack, you can develop dynamic applications which in turn help in increasing the audience count.

  • Another advantage of the mean stack structure is the flexibility that it gets to offer you. The structure is quite flexible and can be modulated as per the needs that you have.

  • Another feature of the mean stack is that it is highly scalable and thus you can use it for designing websites of any use.

There are various other advantages of the Mean Stack as well like resource shareability which makes it easier for the developers to coordinate effectively with each other as well. At the same time when you are a client looking for having classy websites, you can contact Logicspice for effective developers like JSON to get your job done and provide websites that will impact the clients.

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