5 Steps To Discover The Right Online Examination Software

5 Steps To Discover The Right Online Examination Software

If the education sector workforce suffers for something, then it has to be ‘paperwork’.


Yes, it’s a nightmare for the teachers or any educator, for the administrative people, for the guys who de-clutter post exam works, for those professionals who get the job of preparing question papers and for many more.

When it comes to question paper preparation and conduction of an exam in the conventional way, you know what steals your fun!

But, it does not have to be this way since this is the 21st century and you’ve got what you call the online exam software offered in several customised ways. Say goodbye to clutters then!

They say variety is the spice of life. But, sometimes, in the case of online test apps, variety or multiple options may get you a bit confused to rent or buy them. This is why this blog has probably been written. Read it on to find out your long awaited answer to this question:


Step 1: Check If It Has a Strong Scalability Rate

An online examination software is going to be managed by many. So, the point of networking and navigability by those innumerable members is not something we should miss out. After all, would you really don’t want your online exam session at LAG because of what you believe as your best exam portal purchased a month ago? That not only creates problems in the examination, but also, in a technical sense, compromises with the level of performance of a candidate, ultimately affecting their job at the session.

The exam software must not use a lot of bandwidth because that is ultimately going to hamper the signal of its online operation. It is going to be used by multiple people or users and the software must allow access to all of them with enough support options. Thus, you need the software to be backed up by a flexible yet broader server system.

Plus, talk to your service provider for live technical support assistance in case any failure happens in the time of the exam. If an auto saving feature is enabled in the default structure of the software, then it’s a life saver in case of frequent power cuts.

Step 2: A Friendship of Academic Features and Modern Technology

One of the most important parts of designing an online exam software is making a blend of the retention of academic features and the backup of modern technology. Try to design the online test script in a traditional way to deliver the real ‘look and feel’ of an exam to the students. Yes, you, as an instructor or question paper setter, will have a lot of access to make the questions and set the examination. But, you do need some assistance from the online template, don’t you?

Ask your service provider to use all of the technical tools only to make the ideal exam software, which will ultimately benefit students.

Step 3: The Software Must Have Smooth and Flexible Access

The software must not be a ‘cluttered and unconventional’ software with complicated navigation and response features. It should have transparent statements in its design so that users can operate it without any difficulty.

It should be accessed conveniently by the usual devices like a Smartphone or a laptop device with a steady Internet connection. The system construction of the online exam website or app must be hardware-friendly. The data has to be either web or cloud-based. Download options or installation features must not be allowed in it.

Step 4: A Good Exam Software Won’t Need You Invigilating

The software must hold control over the examination fully so that no attempts of cheating either by the test takers or by the students get a chance to sneak in. A properly secured online exam system would help blocking up opening certain Google tabs or permitting access to office apps like Google docs. It again seals the chances of a student, trying to investigate from unauthorised sources for obtaining the answer or for gaining some clues to the answer, by personalising the student’s online performance with the help of a unique PIN that processes the entire exam session to him or her.

Step 5: Check the Post-Exam Options

An exam is not over until the evaluation and analysis is over with the report card, certifications and other necessary formalities. Here, your chosen online examination test software must offer the teachers or evaluators with a number of options to check and estimate the performance of a student. What it means is that the software must aid them in the post-exam work as much as possible.

To Conclude: Find a Technical Friend

...or a software service provider. From customising your exam software to advising you with the updates, from monitoring the exam to creating high level security, from advanced guidance to offering valuable recommendation, these guys are going to be your business partner for sure.

Do you really need to wait any longer to buy an online exam software?

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