4 Ways To Increase Users Engagement On Your Mobile App

4 Ways To Increase Users Engagement On Your Mobile App

Mobile app developers spend a lot of time in design, development and testing of the mobile app. But the next step is as much important as the above. The process from deployment to the visibility of the mobile app can not be ignored.

90% of the users spend time on the mobile app than mobile web. 

Try to think from the user’s perspective. Think about the last application you used and what made you use the application. What is the use of the application which cannot attract customers.

Ways to increase engagement on mobile app

1. Your App Should Make A Great First Impression 

Your first impression of the app on a user directly impacts the engagement rate. A business app which is well structured, easy to navigate and has a good interface usually attracts the users. Each element of the app should be designed while considering the first-time user in mind. A tutorial at the starting of the app also helps the users in a significant manner. It is a good way to make users familiar with the app.

The first 3 screens have important job

  • Explain how it works
  • Motivate your users to get started
  • How they can contact you if they need any help

Welcome them with a cheerful message, tutorials, etc. Simply try to communicate with them and motivate them to question you about the app.

Your App Should Make A Great First Impression

2. Integrate A Community With Your App 

Everything that is in your app should be well connected and social. If your content is viral enough that anyone can share it on its social media platform, then your app is likely to get improved engagement.  

Allowing your users to add their own views, comments and content to the app then it will give them a sense of ownership. This way they will be connected to your app and will help you in taking various decisions related to app modifications.

Enable cross platform social media sharing and allow users to share their activities on ap on their personal social media account.

 Integrate A Community With Your App


3. Push Notifications 

Keep your users alert about any new event, message, offers, etc. This increase engagement with users and the number of the returning visitors.

Send push notifications in the form of text, image and video and land them to the page. For e.g. Musx send push notification weekly to encourage users to look at the top 10 songs for the weekend. You can customize your push notification according to target devices, platforms and more. 

 Push Notifications

4. Listen to your audience 

Listening to your audience not only helps in engaging the users but you also get the better options to improve your mobile app by working on the issues.

Give easy access to contact us or FAQ to enhance their experience for mobile app. You can also set up an automated response message.

Listen to your audience

There is no magic formula to give a skyrocket to your mobile app. But follow these tips to get a better result. 

Before you hire iPhone app developers or android app developers, one must ensure that the developer is aware of such factors. If the developer is aware of such trends, then it will be a great help in building a better business app. 

 The team of Logicspice consistently works on getting acquainted with the latest trends that can get better engagement on business app. Therefore, join hands to get one of the best teams to work on your business requirements. 

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